Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Year 439

Humble beginnings

In this, the year 439 A.D..

Battle of Ilchester kills Sir Ole, sir Dole and sir Doff.

The young squires are knighted at Sarum Rock. Kenryc falls asleep during mass the night before. Gawain make a wonderful leap, whilst Edmyg trips over the horse.

Battle of Charlion.
Kenryc leads the battle against the Irish. The battle is a victory.

Afterwards, all characters are hastily wed. Kenryc and Edmyg are married to vassal knights daughters. Gawain is married to a household knights heir. That winter sons are born to all knights.

During the summer Edmyg is unfaithful to his wife. Kenryc suffers a religious encounter and Gawain made a friend.

Attendance: Leif, Kim, Magnus



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