Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Year 446

The year of Roman War

In this the year of 446 A.D…

The armies of Logres marches to face the picts and their irish allies on the fields of Lincoln.


The Battle of Lincoln

Merddin is knocked down early in the battle. Kenryc and Gawain make it though to the enemys rear and finds another army of picts charging onto the field. Shortly after a army of saxons, hired by Vortigern charge to the field and win the battle for Logres.

Hengest and Horsa come to Logres after being invited by Vortigern.

During the winter, both Gawain and Merddin makes enemies.

Merddin and Kenryc welcomes childen during the winter, Merddins younges bastard dies of a cold.


Attendence: Kim, Leif, Carin (asleep half the time)



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