Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Year 461

The year of rebellion

In this, the year 461 A.D..

..the lords of Logres rebel against Vortigern and his saxon allies. Vortygarn, afraid of losing his inheritence after the marriage of Vortigern and Rowena agrees to lead the rebels. The Nadders of the Wylye and most of Rupert of Salisburys forces join in.

While camping with the host outside St Albans, Crystyn claims that this is an evil place, and that one day the ground itself will demand blood.


The Battle of Cambridge

The Nadders join Vortygarn and fight a hard battle against the ferocious saxons and french mercenaries. Merddin is wounded. The battle is indecisive. However, Vortygarn is killed while fighting saxon berserkers and giants. Both sides retreat.


A son is born to Gawain during the winter.

Attendence: Kim, Leif, Carin



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