Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Year 462

The year of magic adventure

In this, the year 462 A.D. the midst of the stalemate of the war.. Gawain and Kenryc are visited in the night by Vendigar, who claims to have the “key to peace” of the war. They follow him on a quest and find a mysterious lake and a sleeping giant. To get past the giant, they need to hide their “christian stench”. Kenryc and Gawain are covered in horse dung to hide the smell.

Once they reach the lake, a nukalavee appears before them and Vendigar cries for them to protect him as he searches for “a boat”.


Once they slay the nukalavee, a bright light appears in the water and a few feat out, a shimmering sword appears. Vendigar urges someone to fetch it. Gawain fetches it and Vendigar demands it. When he gets it he says:

“The sword of power, the sword of peace.. forged when the world…”

And then lightning strikes from above, destroying him instantly. The lady re-appears with a young man, and say that one of the Nadders needs to pick up the sword and throw it back in the water. Gawain does so.

A gift is given to Gawain from Rupert and Kenryc meets a wise man.

A son is born to Gawain in the winter.

Attendence: Leif, Kim.



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