Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Year 480

The year of death

In this, the year 480 A.D…

.. the saxon marches on Salisbury. High King Aurelius Ambrosius muster his army in Salisbury. On the night before the battle Aurelius is poisoned by a false doctor. Sir Rhain the Slayer, Sir Kendric The Humble and Cerca witness these events.

Battle of Menieva


Despite being sick and weak, Aurelius leads is army from horseback. The battle is horrendus, Rhain and Cerca are badly wounded, Cerca survives only with the aid of the magical potion Rhain got from Kenryc the Brave.

Aurelius Ambrosius, the Pendragon, is killed in the fighting. Uther is made king in Stonehedge. The Supreme Colligium however does not grant him the title of High King.

Attendence: Kim, Carin, Leif



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