Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Year 484

The End of an Era

In this, the year of 484 A.D..

Kendrics brother Farrel is made steward over Vagon Castle.
Rhain is given Madoc ab Uther as an squire. Jonha, Kendall, Eifion and Weyland are sent to Vagon castle to be trained for knighthood by Sir Brastias and Sir Amigafter King Uther Pendragon proclaims that he is to knight them soon.

Shortly after, Kendric falls off his horse.

One week later, Uther musters an army after an army of Irish, picts, and saxons are marching on Eubracum. While preparing to fight, Kendric realises that the saxons are missing. The souts report a saxong war party marching on Vagon castle. Kendric and Rhain take command of a wing of knights and ride in haste.

Battle of Mt Damen

Kenric and Rhain ride to Mt Damen and face the enemy in a great battle. Once they defeat the war party they realise that that was just the forerunners of a bigger army.

The blood of the Nadders runs on the battlefield as Rhain and Kendric die fighting the overwhelming horde. As Kendric lies dying on his horse, he sees Uther under the Dragon banner, riding in and defeating the enemy. With that, Kendric dies, knowing their sons are safe.


Thus ends the Ambrosius Era, and a new generation takes over.

Attendence: Kim, Leif



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