Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Year 487

The year of embassy

In this, the year 487 A.D…

.. King Uther Pendragon holds a great feast at christmas court in Sarum Rock. Weyland, Eifion, Selwyn and Jonha attends. They are given many gifts.

At the feast, Merlin the Enchanter appears and presents the sword Excalibur to Uther. The Nadders whom helped him are made heroes.

After the presentation the Nadders are offered to follow Uther on an embassy. They accept and travel to Lindsey, where the Duke joins Uther after he is shown the sword.


After that the Nadders are sent to Malahaut to convince the Centurion King to join Uther. On the way they fight saxons.

Once they reach the Centurion King, he telles them off.

During the summer and fall.. Eifion finds a wife through plain luck. Selwyn is married and gains a bastard before that.

Children are born to most. Weylands wife die in childbirth.

Attendence: Marcus, Emanuel, Christian, Pontus.



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