Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Year 489

The year of peace

In this, the year 489 A.D…

Excaliburs Peace
King Uther and the knights march on Cornwall and Duke Gorlois.

Gorlois is at first reluctant to rally to Uthers banner again, and both armies prepare for battle. Then Merlin instructs Uther to show Excalibur. After this, Gorlois accepts the terms. A feast is held on the battlefield.

Water leapers
While at Beltaine at Laverstock, Eifion, Selwyn and Weyland are told of mysterious beings in the swamp to investigate. There they find and fight water leapers. Weyland is gravely wounded but survives.

In the fall, Eifions brother in law is accused of stealing horses, and Eifion duels the claimant and wins.

Children are born onto Stapleford and Steeple Langford.

Attendence: Pontus, Emanuel, Christian.



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