Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Year 490

The year of mystery

In this, the year 490 A.D…

…the nadders fight in the Battle of Lindsey. Weyland is killed and Eifion and Selwyn capture the saxon king Octa and take him prisoner.

At Londonium, war hero Duke Gorlois is held as a prisoner of courtesy by king Uther, whom lusts for Duchess Igraine.

At the brink of midnight one night, a mysterious snow storm strikes and Gorlois and Igraine flee in the night.

At the pagan funeral pyre at Laverstock, Crystyna is present, the reputed bastard sister of Weyland. She joins Eifion as a bard.

In the winter, Selwyns wife if driven mad and flees into the night too.

Attendence: Christian, Pontus, Emanuel



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