Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Year 496

The first year of Interegnum

In this, the year 496 A.D…

.. the Nadders attend the funeral of Rynwhell of Debtford who fell during the winter and died later. His son Gredbryn of Debtford is now head of the Tisbury Nadders together with Sir Coryn who is old and did not attend due to gout.

The saxon raid heavily after Lady Ellen refuses to pay tribute.

Gwarddur survives an assassin attempt by a farm hand.

Later the attending Nadders journied to the south to meet with a new Saxon king. The king turns out to be Cynning Cerdic ab Vortigern, the unknown son of High King Vortigern and Queen Rowena. He presents his plan to join the saxon and the cymric kingdom as the one true king. He presents his bodyguard, the geat warrior Baerwulf, who proclaims that he will kill Eifion Cigydd Seax – “The Saxon Slayer” last..

Many raids during the winter..

Attendence: Christian, Emanuel, Pontus, Charlotte



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