Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Year 497and498

The second and third year of Interegnum

In these, the years 497 and 498 A.D…

Spring court was held in Sarum Rock attended by the saxons Aeswine of Essex and Cyncric of Wessex, both demanded ransom but neither got it.
The Nadders took up arms for K├Ânig Cerdic and stormed the Isle of Wight in exchange for riches.

The court in Sarum Rock is host to three saxon lords, Aeswine of Essex, Cynric of Wessex and Celyn of Sussex, all demanding double ransom but only Celyn got half of his demand.

The Nadders hold a feast in Wylye wherein the traditional hunt leads them to the Questing beast who gets away and on the way home they are themselves the prey of The Wild Hunt; the galloping devil and his dandy dogs. Through piety and perseverance they fight of the demon and get a glimpse of the goddess that bound their family to their destiny.

Attendence: Pontus, Christian



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