Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Years 443-445

The years before the storm

The knights travel to Jagent to the kings court.

Merddin sleeps with one of the maids and gets in a fight with som picts.

Crystyn flirts with Merddin ans sleeps with him.


During a fit of madness the sick an weak King Constans orders the death of all prisoners and picts. A battle ensues.

Let the whole world die, if I die… is said to have been his last words.

The king is then beheaded by his personal pictish guards.

Vortigern is crowned king by the supreme colligium, Constans younger brothers vanish.

The Picts stage a massive invasion, with their armies occupying much of the north and bands of raiders penetrating all the way into Logres. Rather than risk a great loss,
King Vortigern orders his armies to dig in and garrison their homes and holdings.

Merddins wife gives birth to twins.

Kenrycs wife gives birth to a daughter.

Gawains wife dies in childbirth.

444 – A slow year
Merddin beds a widow.

445 – Another slow year
Gawain marries a merchants daugther

Attendence: Kim, Carin, Leif



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