Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Years 451-453

The years of whispers

In this, the years 451-453.

.. Gawain is hurt after a fall from a horse.
Gawains and Merddins wives die in childbirth.
Kenryc fathers another bastard, a girl.
Edmygs wife gives birth to a daughter.

In 452 the news that the dowry for Rowena was the county of Kent become known. Many knights are angry about this, Kenryc and Merddin included.

Gawain marries for love. Merddin beds a mechant dauther and marries her.

In 453, the news reaches the charecters that Vortigern is sending a few knights to Gaul to fight the huns. Kenryc and Merddin are chosen, probably due to the rumors of their thoughts of the Kent affair.

Gawain is given a Prophecy. “The next battle you enter, you will loose.”

No children are born in 453.


Attendence: Kim, Magnus, Carin, Leif



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