Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Years 455-456

The dark years

In these, the years 455 and 456 A.D..

Kenryc and Edmyg have a small feast. They go on a hunt and Kenryc fell a mythical Yale.


The day efter some farmers alert Kenry to a thief. Kenryc cuts of the thiefs finger. They later discover that the thief was a farmer from Debptford.

Daz of Deptford and Sir Coryn arrive and challange Kenrycs honour. Being wounded from the fight with the Yale, Kenryc allows Edmyg to fight the fight for him. Edmyg is killed in the duel and Daz gains the honour.



Edmygs brother Sir Edwart is knighted.

Kenryc has a clerk who claim his manor to be evil.

News arrives that Rome, the center of the civilized
world, has been sacked! The tribe of Germans called the
Vandals has done the impossible and brought Rome low.

Attendence: Kim, Magnus



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