Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Years 458-460

The years of ill omens

In these, the years 458 to 460 A.D..

Many dissident Britons depart from the island, moving with their families and possessions to Brittany. The Nadders of the Wylye, loyal to the Count of Salisbury, remains.

Kenryc and Gawain remain.

All knights have vassal duty in 458. Gawain gain a new son.

In 459 all knights serve vassal duty again.

In 460, Vendigar takes the knights on a quest following Test River. They meet a mysterious man. They find the Gauntlet of Ryus Maximus, Merddin claims it. They encounter a weird lady. The lady tells Vendigar that “his quest will fail and that she hopes that his brother will not follow the same crooked path.” Vendigar remains silent and they depart.

During the winter Gawains infant son dies.

Attendence: Kim, Leif, Carin



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