Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Years 466-467

The years of The Head Dragon

In this, the years 466 and 467 A.D..

Aurelius Ambrosius lands in Logres carrying the great dragon banner, rallies the broken people of the land. The Nadders of the Wylye rally behind him.

The Battle of Carlion

In a battle at Carlion, Aurelius breaks the Saxon army, but at great cost, Doff is killed by great berserkers in battle. Aurelius promises to raise a tomb at Stapleford for his honor. The saxons abandon High King Vortigern and return to Kent. Vortigern flee to Snowden. Doffs brother Greg is knighted after the battle.

Greg makes a friend in a barber and Rhains squire is eaten by bears in the autumn.

In 467..

Gregs field is burned down and Greg makes a fool of himself at a party.

Kenryc is given winestalks from Earl Roderick and makes a Burgher friend.

Attendence: Kim, Jonas



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