Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Years 474and476

The years of kin slaying

In these, the years 474–476 A.D..

…Evans sister is married away to a foreign knight.
Greg is gven a prophesy that he will fail his next battle, shortly after he is challenged by a Cambrian knight, but wins the duel.

A pox runs in the valley, one of Rhains daugthers gets sick and weak.

Evan is given magic underpants…

In 475..

..the cousin of the Cambrian knight come an challenge Greg.. and fails too..
Rhain gets married during his year of sorrow for love.
Kendric fails a religious quest.

In 476…

…Rhain is given an holy shield.

Rhains brother duels him to death over Rhains wife. Rhain wins with sorrow as he is forced to kills his brother.

In the winter Claire dies in childbirth.

Attendence: Kim, Jonas, Carin, Leif



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