Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Years 499and500

The forth and fifth year of Interegnum

In these, the years 499 and 500 A.D..

The year 499 started of with a mild winter and light saxons raids.
Wintercourt was held in Sarum Rock, visited by prince Marke of Cornwall and the saxon lord Cynric.

Lady Ellen sent Selwyn on a quest of escort, Petriones, a young scholar, needed an escort to Oxford to build a school.. On the way Selwyn slew Sir Grey in pointless combat over a toll dispute.



Year 500 started in Sarum Rock with the saxon lords Aele, Cerdic and Aethelwith. 15 good knights where sent to Aele.
Selwyn was sent on a diplomatic errand to Camilliard andking Leodegrans.

Attendence: Christian, Charlotte



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