Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Years 503and504

The eight and ninth year of the Interegnum

In these, the years 503 to 504 A.D…


Court in Sarum Rock.
Lan of Lindsay, Sir Uffo (missed the other names) demands soldiers for the battles/other events in Wessex and Kent
Lady Ellen speaks with Selwyn llofrudd Cawr – “The Giantsbane” privately regarding this matter and decides to refuse them all.

Sir Selwyn musters a force with Brastias to rescue Eifion Cigydd Seax – “The Saxon Slayer” and Gwardur the Easy Target.

Selwyn immediately travels for Shirburn, where the jerk Sir Beige is holding up. Alongside Selwyn is Sir Handerwin and Bors, two not so impressive men and a bunch of other minisoldiers.
Along the way Sir Handerwin and Bors gain alot of bruising from their inexperience with horses and Selwyn meets with Brastias in Silchester, who joins the warband with his ten spearmen.

Further along the rode to Chillburn the warband ends up in Ryddershan, where Selwyn sees a familiar face, or rather a familiar shield. It was Sir Ector, a kinda poor knight.
After som discussion, Sir Ector joins the warband for 10 pounds.

After much ado traveling the ragband warband finally ends up in Chillburn, Sir Beige’s property and after thegroups hostile intentions are made clear, battle ensues soon thereafter.

After much ado struggling, Selwyn (and his mötley crue) is victorious, looting everything in sight. Eifion and Gwardur are “rescued” along the way.


504 (a short year)

Court in Sarron Rock
Four Saxons (wannabe kings) demands tribute and one guy, whose name I missed, has a private audience with Lady Ellen.

Tribute is then denied again.

Eifion Cigydd Seax – “The Saxon Slayer”, Selwyn llofrudd Cawr – “The Giantsbane” and Gwardur the Easy Target then decides to take sweet sweet revenge against the Saxons.

By plundering their shit yo, we all up in thei biz like swing swing swing. We be all like: We gonna raid Sussex fo’ money.

The first raid i successful. In the winter Collwen, wife of Selwyn becomes mad and disappears.

Attendence: Christian, Pontus, Emanuel


Ba å säga till om du vill att jag slutar med mina kassa försök till humor.
Kunde inte låta bli (y)

Years 503and504

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