Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Years 509and510

The dawn of Arthur

Saddness lies heavy on the court of Sarum Rock in the year of 509 as the deaths of Gwarddur and Eifion are still fresh in memory.

But the knighting of Robert along with Fachtna, Tarbh and Nai bring up the mood. As the most honoured and famous knight of the realm it is Selwyns plesaure to oversee the ceremony.

The year 510 is a year of many strange happenings. First of all, ser Brastias has called for tourney to be held in Londinium. The first of it’s kind in Logres and it has been declared that the winner of this tourney shall be crowned king of Logres.
Naturally this brings the newly knighted Nadders as well as some other persons of note, Elleain of Escavalon, Leodegrance, the centurion king of Malahaut, king Lot of Lothian and Orkney from the north, Escan of Glouchester, Earl Sannam of Bede, the newly appointed Earl Robert of course as well as Earl Gilbert of Hearthford.

With such a notable crowd the tourney kicks of with a jousting match that is won by king Elleain and the mood is set for the second day that is to be a melee.
The young Nadders fight bravely but are swiftly cut down by more experienced knights and everyone gets redy for the third and final day of the melee.
The preparations for the third day is a mess, ser Ector can’t seem to find his sword and his squire is nowhere to be found. Just as Selwyn is about to lend him his sword the poor squire, Wart, comes running with a strange sword he claims he found somewhere. Selwyn recognises it as the sword in the anvil in the stone that can only be drawn by the rightful king of Britain.
Merlin shows up to tell everyone the boy is actually named Arthur.
The bishop and the collegiat also arrive at the scene to ascertain the validity of Arthurs feat.
King Lot denounces the young boy and leaves Londinium proclaiming that no unknown young boy will ever rule over him.

By easter the collegium unanimosly vote to accept the boy-king Arthur as the new high king of all of Brittain, many notable knights swear fealty to the young man but the joy of finally having a new king is cut short as news of an army led by king Lot comes in and everyone scrambles to Camilliard where a short battle is held.
Some weeks later an other army approaches Carleon and everyone is once again of to defend the allies of Arthur.

Attendence: Christian, Emanuel, Emil



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