Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Years 511and512

The years of reveal and tradgedy


Year 511

King Arthur holds winter court in Carlion
Chivalry invented!

Summer court is held in Carlion
A sense of calm spreads across the land.

Winter court (again)
Brown Knight of the Wild intrduces himself.

Year 512

Court in Silchester

Romans enter the court uninvited and demands tribute to their Emperor from King Arthur.
King Arthur refuses, and tells the Romans that they should submit to his rule.
The Romans leave muttering something not very nice.

After the Romans, Merlin shows up and holds a speech.
Chivalry spreads across the land.

King Lott is raising an army, king Ryons is with him.

King Arthur has made the decision to travel around the land to his subjects.
First to Stonehenge, then to Saint Albans.
Feast in Saint Albans.
A lady with a nunescort shows up at the feast, it is lady Ygraine the former queen.

Some insults and slaps are exchanged before Merlin slams his staff straight to the ground, creating complete silence. He then proceeds to tell Ygraine to tell the story of the Mists of Tintagul.
(den här biten missade jag att skriva ner så du får jättegärna fylla på John)

After the events of Saint Albans we travel on with King Arthur
Feast in Beddegrain.
A squire runs into the feast teliing a tale of a knight blocking a path, challenging everyone who tries to get past him. Arthur waits till the next day.

At night, close to morning, Arthur sleepswalks into a swamp of sorts, where a fountain is located. Next to the fountain stands the challenging knight, whos identity is King Pelennor.
Arthur challenges him and loses badly. Pelennor cleaves both Arthurs sword and body.

Merlin appears and tries to help him. He directs us to a lake, and takes a boat out to the middle of the lake with Arthur. A hand slowly ascends from the lakes center with a sword in hand. Arthur grips the sword and is completely healed. Excalibur has been drawn.

After this event, our travels continue. We arrive at Cirunchester to a court. A lady with a sword stuck in stone/something and asks the knights os the court to draw the sword.

Noone succeds until Sir Lancior steps forward and draws the sword with ease.
A knight by the name of Sir Balin and succeds in drawing the sword and he demands that it belongs to him. Despite warnings of misery and death by anyone who wealds it.

After that there is a feast.
A Lady of the Lake appears at the feast, demanding that Arthur gives Excalibur back to her people. Arthur swiftly refuses, and the Lady of the Lake then proceeds to demand the head of a knight named Sir Balin, who has killed a Lady of the Lake already.

Within moments of the Lady saying those words, Sir Balin appears out of the crowd and kills the Lady.
King Arthur judges him guilty, and Balin is exiled, forever. Before he is escorted out, he takes the head of the Lady and flees the court. And because of Arthur previous command, no one may follow him. But Sir Lancior does, and so does a woman.

Later it is discovered that Sir Lancior died fighting Balin, and the woman jumped the the sword when she saw what had happened to her love.

After this King Arthur calls us out to 40 days of war.

The Battle of Bassus River, decisive victory.

Attendence: Emil, Eric, Emanuel and Putte



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