Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Years 513and514

The end of the rebellion

The royal court of Leichester in 513 is full of whispers about the kings restless sleep.
The rest of the year is consumed with preparations for the battle of Terrabill, no, not that Terrabill; the one in Camilliard this time.
King Pellinor has had his troops wintering in Carleon to aid king Arthur. The night befor the battle king Rhyons raiding party is apprahended and the king is chained like a common criminal, highly unusual.
Late that night, Merlin is seen putting a hex on the forces of Ser Lot resulting in their delayed deployment and late arrival to the battle.
For Edar and Eiffin, the battle does not go well, getting caught up with shining warriors, but they manage to withdraw towards noon when they spot the son of a giant, Ser Nero in a foolhardy singel raid on the camp and the two knights quickley rush in and stop him with Eiffin dealing the killing blow to Ser Nero.
By midday, king Lots forces have rallied and also King Pellinor arrives for the second battle that day.
Overwhelmed by the enemy forces Edar tries to empassion himself for his honor but failes horribly and runs of in shame. Fortunately, King Pellinor is able to beat King Lot in single combat and the fighting stops soon after with King Arthur and King Pellinor as the winners.
Edars brother Edern is knighted that year to take over his brothers duties.

The year of 514 is a year of joy as the love between King Arthur and King Leodegrances daughter Gwenyfar is revealed and the wedding is to be held that summer in Londinium.
In the hunt Eiffin is able to track and fell a lesser unicorn earning him a great deal of glory.
In the wedding tourney Eiffin chooses the melee while Edern fights in the joust, both earning a great deal of success and glory.
The last day of the wedding feast, King Arthurs father in law, King Leodegrance gifts him a beautiful big round table. The king is so impressed with the table he founds a new order of knights on the spot.
The Knights of the Round Table.
Current members include the high King Arthur, of course. As well as Ser Brastias and Ser Ector, King Leodegrance, Allain of Escavalon and Cader of Cornwall.


To count yourself among this very elite group of Knights, one has to attain the rank of Knight Famous as well as being a Chivalrous knight and having done something extraordinary.
The order is open to all, both friend and foe.

Attendence: Christian and Pontus



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