Great(er) Pendragon Campaign


The twelth and thirteenth year of the Interregnum

In the year 507, court in Sarum Rock is rather short but sweet. News of an alliance between Essex and Port almost overshadow the joy that comes from Corneus siege of Londonium.
Nanteleod claims he is at home, preparing for war but that turns out to be a ruse as the news of his invasion of Middenhall reach Salisbury in the fall. Shortly after the news of Corneus success with the siege of Londonium spread throughout the realm.

The Nadders lead a quiet year in the safety of the home.

The year of 508 start of on the wrong foot as the news of Jonahs illness followed by his death is recieved by the grieving Nadders. His two estates are divided between his two sons, Burcholm goes to Damh and Stapleford is left in the capable hands of Tarb.

The court of Sarum Rock that spring is visited by king Nanteleod asking for Salisburys aid in crushing king Cerdic once and for all.
The Nadders gladly agree and gather with him at the fields of Netley march where the battle is to be held.
The battle starts of badly with fierce opposition from the saxon forces and the loss of Gwarddur, his sacrifice inspire Eifion to take on a band of berserkers that sadly cut him down and almost take Selwyn as well. The death of king Nanteleod and Corneus is almost overlooked as the battle is lost due to Cornish forces falling upon the rear of Nanteleods army.



Attendence: Christian, Emanuel, Pontus



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