Kenryc the Brave

Grandfather of Steeple Langford


Born: 418
Knighted: 439
Died 463
Manor: Steeple Langford
Current status: Unwed.
Children: (Rhain), Daughters Eleri, Tanwen, Lin, Mari, Seren. Sons Rhett and Angor. Bastards Joenns and Violette


Older brother of Gawain. Cousin of Merddin and Edmyg.
Son of sir Ole.

Owns a mysterious healing potion. Which suits his familys healing hands.

Also bearer of The Magical Ring of Maer Ub Shiven Fav.

Player: Kim Jonsson


Died in 463 at the Night of Long Knives.

Kenryc the Brave

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