The Holy Grail / Cyrridven Cauldron

The most holy of legendary artifacts


The legendary cup from which Jesus drank or the Cauldron of the world. However the Holy Grail is viewed, some things are certain — it is a vehicle for the divine life force, the Grace of God or the Blessing of the Goddess, which bestows blessings upon all who work for it, Christian, pagan, or agnostic.

However, you can’t seem to agree what it looked like.

The cup is a golden shining cup, with inlays of wondrous materials or gems. It’s hard to exactly remember what it looked like. At times it’s easy to remember, but sometimes its like an elusive old memory. What you really do remember, is that it was surrounded with a shining holy light and that you were unable to think of anything to say.

It’s a fantastic piece of art. Simple, yet amazing. You remember it being quite big and inlayed with certain patterns and histories of the world. So many stories to tell. A perfect representation of the feminine force in the world. To drink from it, would be to drink from the goddess herself. If you only could think of something to say.


The Holy Grail / Cyrridven Cauldron

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