Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Year 487
The year of embassy

In this, the year 487 A.D…

.. King Uther Pendragon holds a great feast at christmas court in Sarum Rock. Weyland, Eifion, Selwyn and Jonha attends. They are given many gifts.

At the feast, Merlin the Enchanter appears and presents the sword Excalibur to Uther. The Nadders whom helped him are made heroes.

After the presentation the Nadders are offered to follow Uther on an embassy. They accept and travel to Lindsey, where the Duke joins Uther after he is shown the sword.


After that the Nadders are sent to Malahaut to convince the Centurion King to join Uther. On the way they fight saxons.

Once they reach the Centurion King, he telles them off.

During the summer and fall.. Eifion finds a wife through plain luck. Selwyn is married and gains a bastard before that.

Children are born to most. Weylands wife die in childbirth.

Attendence: Marcus, Emanuel, Christian, Pontus.

Year 486
A most magic year

In this, the year 486 A.D..

.. Selwyn, Weyland and Eifion are stuck at home on vassal duty when most of the knights are sent to battle the Saxons.

Adventure of Sword Lake


The knights are fooled by Merlin to fight a giant and another monster while he gets a magical sword from a magical lake. Selwyn is the only knight not to become unconcious. They meet a mysterious lady who say that this moment has been prepared for,

In the summer Weyland fathers a bastard and is married and fathers a daughter.
Eifion is married but the wife dies in childbirth.

Attendence: Christian, Emanuel, Pontus.

Year 485
A new beginning

In this, the year 485 A.D…

..Kendall, Weyland and Desmond are training as squires. They go out for a short hunt for a bear that Desmond kills.

Later they are knighted in Sarum.

Battle of Maercred Creek


King Uther and Madoc takes an army to Sussex and face an saxon army. The brave new knights fight valiantly, but Kendall and Desmond are killed in the fighting.

After the funerals, Selwyn, brother of Kendall is knighted and Jonah joins the group.

Attendence: Christian, Emanuel, Marcus

Year 484
The End of an Era

In this, the year of 484 A.D..

Kendrics brother Farrel is made steward over Vagon Castle.
Rhain is given Madoc ab Uther as an squire. Jonha, Kendall, Eifion and Weyland are sent to Vagon castle to be trained for knighthood by Sir Brastias and Sir Amigafter King Uther Pendragon proclaims that he is to knight them soon.

Shortly after, Kendric falls off his horse.

One week later, Uther musters an army after an army of Irish, picts, and saxons are marching on Eubracum. While preparing to fight, Kendric realises that the saxons are missing. The souts report a saxong war party marching on Vagon castle. Kendric and Rhain take command of a wing of knights and ride in haste.

Battle of Mt Damen

Kenric and Rhain ride to Mt Damen and face the enemy in a great battle. Once they defeat the war party they realise that that was just the forerunners of a bigger army.

The blood of the Nadders runs on the battlefield as Rhain and Kendric die fighting the overwhelming horde. As Kendric lies dying on his horse, he sees Uther under the Dragon banner, riding in and defeating the enemy. With that, Kendric dies, knowing their sons are safe.


Thus ends the Ambrosius Era, and a new generation takes over.

Attendence: Kim, Leif

Years 481to483
The serene years

In these, the years 481–483 A.D..

Greg, Kendric and Cerca witness Duchess Igraine, the most beautiful woman in the world. Cerca grows very suspicious of her. Uther finds her very attractive.

Greg goes on a quest for the king. He also has a sickness in his herd and all his chargers die.

Many children are born.

Attendence: Carin, Jonas, Leif

Year 480
The year of death

In this, the year 480 A.D…

.. the saxon marches on Salisbury. High King Aurelius Ambrosius muster his army in Salisbury. On the night before the battle Aurelius is poisoned by a false doctor. Sir Rhain the Slayer, Sir Kendric The Humble and Cerca witness these events.

Battle of Menieva


Despite being sick and weak, Aurelius leads is army from horseback. The battle is horrendus, Rhain and Cerca are badly wounded, Cerca survives only with the aid of the magical potion Rhain got from Kenryc the Brave.

Aurelius Ambrosius, the Pendragon, is killed in the fighting. Uther is made king in Stonehedge. The Supreme Colligium however does not grant him the title of High King.

Attendence: Kim, Carin, Leif

Year 478and479
The years of raids

In these, the years 478–479 A.D..

Evan is killed in raids in Frisia, cleaved by an beserker. Kendric is badly wounded and almost dies on the way home.


The wealthy Cerca is knighted, becoming one of the first gentlewomen in Logres.

In 479..

Steeple Langford in plundered and burned. Rynwhell of Debtford gives a gift to Rhain.

Kendric finds bliss and they realises that his daugther is blessed.

Kendric and Cerca have children.

Attendence: Kim, Carin, Leif

Year 477
The year of Loss

In this, the year 477. AD..

A new saxon king, Ælle arrive and invade and renames the county south of Kent to Sussex.

A great battle ensues and is a terrible loss. Greg is badly wounded. Rhain survives but is lost in the woods for a while.


Attendence: Kim, Jonas

Years 474and476
The years of kin slaying

In these, the years 474–476 A.D..

…Evans sister is married away to a foreign knight.
Greg is gven a prophesy that he will fail his next battle, shortly after he is challenged by a Cambrian knight, but wins the duel.

A pox runs in the valley, one of Rhains daugthers gets sick and weak.

Evan is given magic underpants…

In 475..

..the cousin of the Cambrian knight come an challenge Greg.. and fails too..
Rhain gets married during his year of sorrow for love.
Kendric fails a religious quest.

In 476…

…Rhain is given an holy shield.

Rhains brother duels him to death over Rhains wife. Rhain wins with sorrow as he is forced to kills his brother.

In the winter Claire dies in childbirth.

Attendence: Kim, Jonas, Carin, Leif

Year 473
The year of Family Sorrow

In this, the year 473 A.D…

High King Aurelius Ambrosius is defeated in a battle by the Thames. He survives but his army suffers a massive blow.

Laverstock in plundered and most of Evans family is killed, including his only daugther. Greg, Kendric and Sir Rhain the Slayer chime in for his loss.


In the summer the family all have garrison duty.

In the fall, Rhain ends the feud with Debtford when he becomes friend with the son of Daz of Deptford.

In the winter, Claire gives birth to another pair of twins and Kendric gets a daugther.

Attendence: Jonas, Leif, Carin, Kim


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