Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Years 449-450
The years of weddings

In this, the years of 449 and 450…

Kenryc, Merddin and Edmyg are sent to escort Rowena on her brides march to get married to Vortigern.

During the march they are attacked by picts but the picts are repelled.

After they reach Stonehenge they are present at the lavish wedding. Kenryc and Merddin fathers bastards at the wedding.


Merddin gains two daugthers (one bastard).

Kenrycs wife dies in childbed.

Attendence: Kim, Magnus, Carin

Years 451-453
The years of whispers

In this, the years 451-453.

.. Gawain is hurt after a fall from a horse.
Gawains and Merddins wives die in childbirth.
Kenryc fathers another bastard, a girl.
Edmygs wife gives birth to a daughter.

In 452 the news that the dowry for Rowena was the county of Kent become known. Many knights are angry about this, Kenryc and Merddin included.

Gawain marries for love. Merddin beds a mechant dauther and marries her.

In 453, the news reaches the charecters that Vortigern is sending a few knights to Gaul to fight the huns. Kenryc and Merddin are chosen, probably due to the rumors of their thoughts of the Kent affair.

Gawain is given a Prophecy. “The next battle you enter, you will loose.”

No children are born in 453.


Attendence: Kim, Magnus, Carin, Leif

Year 454
The year of gallic war

In this, the year of 454 A.D..

..Kenryc and Merddin are sent to gaul to fight the huns.


Large battle at Chalons grants glory. Both Kenryc and Merddin are wounded badly in the battel.


Merddin discusses converting to roman christianity and gains a clerk for a few years.

Tradgedy strikes Kenryc, whose wife takes poison and dies. Her relatives side with Daz of Deptford. Also a former lovers uncle of Merddin sides with Daz.

Attendence: Kim, Carin (Special Year)

Years 455-456
The dark years

In these, the years 455 and 456 A.D..

Kenryc and Edmyg have a small feast. They go on a hunt and Kenryc fell a mythical Yale.


The day efter some farmers alert Kenry to a thief. Kenryc cuts of the thiefs finger. They later discover that the thief was a farmer from Debptford.

Daz of Deptford and Sir Coryn arrive and challange Kenrycs honour. Being wounded from the fight with the Yale, Kenryc allows Edmyg to fight the fight for him. Edmyg is killed in the duel and Daz gains the honour.



Edmygs brother Sir Edwart is knighted.

Kenryc has a clerk who claim his manor to be evil.

News arrives that Rome, the center of the civilized
world, has been sacked! The tribe of Germans called the
Vandals has done the impossible and brought Rome low.

Attendence: Kim, Magnus

Year 457
The year of heroes

In this, the year of 457 AD..

.. Sir Waylan rebels against High King Vortigern and raids Kent.

Kenryc and Merddin are sent with the army to fight Waylan in Kent.

Battle of Kent

A long and hard battle, won when Prince Vortygarn kills Waylan.

After the battle, Merddin fathers a new bastard boy and Kenryc discovers that his horse is blessed and intelligent.

Kenryc remarries a young maiden who dies in childbith the following winter.

Attendence: Kim, Carin

Years 458-460
The years of ill omens

In these, the years 458 to 460 A.D..

Many dissident Britons depart from the island, moving with their families and possessions to Brittany. The Nadders of the Wylye, loyal to the Count of Salisbury, remains.

Kenryc and Gawain remain.

All knights have vassal duty in 458. Gawain gain a new son.

In 459 all knights serve vassal duty again.

In 460, Vendigar takes the knights on a quest following Test River. They meet a mysterious man. They find the Gauntlet of Ryus Maximus, Merddin claims it. They encounter a weird lady. The lady tells Vendigar that “his quest will fail and that she hopes that his brother will not follow the same crooked path.” Vendigar remains silent and they depart.

During the winter Gawains infant son dies.

Attendence: Kim, Leif, Carin

Year 461
The year of rebellion

In this, the year 461 A.D..

..the lords of Logres rebel against Vortigern and his saxon allies. Vortygarn, afraid of losing his inheritence after the marriage of Vortigern and Rowena agrees to lead the rebels. The Nadders of the Wylye and most of Rupert of Salisburys forces join in.

While camping with the host outside St Albans, Crystyn claims that this is an evil place, and that one day the ground itself will demand blood.


The Battle of Cambridge

The Nadders join Vortygarn and fight a hard battle against the ferocious saxons and french mercenaries. Merddin is wounded. The battle is indecisive. However, Vortygarn is killed while fighting saxon berserkers and giants. Both sides retreat.


A son is born to Gawain during the winter.

Attendence: Kim, Leif, Carin

Year 462
The year of magic adventure

In this, the year 462 A.D. the midst of the stalemate of the war.. Gawain and Kenryc are visited in the night by Vendigar, who claims to have the “key to peace” of the war. They follow him on a quest and find a mysterious lake and a sleeping giant. To get past the giant, they need to hide their “christian stench”. Kenryc and Gawain are covered in horse dung to hide the smell.

Once they reach the lake, a nukalavee appears before them and Vendigar cries for them to protect him as he searches for “a boat”.


Once they slay the nukalavee, a bright light appears in the water and a few feat out, a shimmering sword appears. Vendigar urges someone to fetch it. Gawain fetches it and Vendigar demands it. When he gets it he says:

“The sword of power, the sword of peace.. forged when the world…”

And then lightning strikes from above, destroying him instantly. The lady re-appears with a young man, and say that one of the Nadders needs to pick up the sword and throw it back in the water. Gawain does so.

A gift is given to Gawain from Rupert and Kenryc meets a wise man.

A son is born to Gawain in the winter.

Attendence: Leif, Kim.

Year 463
The year of Night of Long Knives

In this, the year 463 A.D..

Night of Long Knives


King Vortigern and Hengest call a council of all combatants to meet at Stonehenge for a feast of peace. The feast of peace is a ruse, and the saxons show their true face when they poison all the attending knights.


Kenryc, Gawain, Merddin, Edwart and Crystyn all put up a fight but are ultimatly killed. Rupert and Daz are also killed.


Rhain, Kendric, Doff and Evan are left as heads of the Nadders.

Attendence: Leif, Kim, Carin

Years 464-465
The years of sorrow

In this, the year 464-465 A.D..

The new leaders of the Nadders, Doff, Evan, Kendric and Rhain are knighted.

Earl Roderik imbues a Squeeze on all knights.

All knights are unmarried this year.

The next year, all knights are wed. Kendric is given Wylye in return for converting to Roman Christianity.

During this winter sons are born to all the knights, and Evan produces his first bastard, a daughter.

During the midwinter feast in Wylye. Merlin arrives and tell the knights that next year, all will change, as “The head dragon” is coming.

Attendence: Leif, Kim, Carin, Jonas


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