Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Years 515to517
The dolorous stroke

The year 515

Court is held in Silchester, in attendence is a young byzantine knight, Sagremore; youngest brother of the emperors uncle. Bored with the barbarism of his uncles empire, the tales of Chivalry led him to the Isles.
Pellinor is accepted as a member of the round table.
King Mark ascendes the throne of Cornwall, wether he will pursue his fathers claim for High king is unclear.

That summer, the Nadders are individually wracked by the same profetic nightmare.
In a dark forest, on a shaded path, a knight with two swords is attacked by an invisible knight. The unseen knight gets cut down by the knight with two blades and the king calls out from his castle that Ser Balin has killed his brother. Ser Balin storms the castle and after a desperate battle the king is killed and the land starts whilting.

Pax Arthurius has lasted for two years.

The year 516

Court is held in Carleon. The winter was mild. Arthur announces he will go on a pilgrimage to St Albans to attone for the death of King Lot.
Ser Bedevere takes a seat at the round table.
The saxons strike again, after staying quiet for a few years, the saxon war-machine starts rumbling again but this time Logres is united by a High King and we all ride out to meet them near Humber.
The set up for the battle is fairly standard, it’s not until the fighting is already under way that it is discovered the saxons have soaked the battlefield in pitch waiting to set the brave knights aflame.
The fire effectively ends the battle and everyone retreats to their camps.
But the fighting doesn’t end there, raiding saxons fall upon the camp in the night and many brave knights are wounded while the cowardly raiders are beaten.night_battle.png

The battle is won the next day.
The earl of Salisbury, Robert, marries the lady of Uffingham.
The Nadders of the Wylye make a lasting peace with the Tisbury Nadders after many years of enmity.

The year 517

Court is held in what is now called London. The rumor is that Merlin is dead, although no one knows what that means exactly.
The saxons strike again, this time the battle is in Lincoln. A large battle is fought with Arthur easily defeating the pagan saxons and driving them back to Saxony.
Of course that doesn’t last as the cowardly saxons turn tail and ally themselves with king Aele and king Cerdic who start marching against Salisbury.

Attendence: Christian, Emil, Pontus

Year 518
The year of Victory

In this, the year 518 AD..


Arthurs speech:

“Cynning Cerdic! I have a counter proposal for you.
One LAND, one KING!
And that king is not you.
If you want the crown, come and claim it. Nay, I will come to you!
Men of Logres, nay, england. With me!
We are of this land, not the saxons.
Who are with me?
I can’t hear you, who’s with me?
That’s the spirit! Once more, into the fray! Let us drown the saxons with our English blood!



Attendence: Christian, Pontus, Emil


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