Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Year 495
The year of the Infamous Feast

In this, the year 495 A.D…


After winning the large battle of St Albans, King Uther and most of the lords of Logres are poisioned by saxons. The land is without rulers.. The Queen resigns and Anarcy breaks out. Brastias roams the land, in search of a new lord.


The Nadders swear fealty toLady Ellen.

Attendence: Christian, Emanuel, Pontus

Year 494
The year of keen eyes

In this, the year 494 A.D..

The Nadders go on a embassy to Estragales to court king Canan.

After a long and boring embassy king Canan is murdured by his steward Sir Orcas. This is spotted by Rynwhell of Debtford. Selwyn Giantsbane fights Sir Orcas in single combat and wins.


The Nadders makes friends with King Nanteleod.

On the way home, the Nadders have a joined vision of what they believe is their ancestor Sir Regus, the first of the Nadders Knights swearing an oath to a mysterious woman.

In Londonium they meet another mysterious Lady of the Lake.

In the winter, Selwyn is married again.

Attendence: Christian, Pontus, Emanuel

Year 493
The year of plots

In this, the year 493 A.D…

Battle of Stapleford

Preator Sygarius occupy Stapleford when the knights are at a family feast in Steeple Langford.


The Nadders attack and Selwyn Giantsbane kills Sygarius in single combat, to Jonhas disdain.

After the battle, a parchment with a note is found.

" Preator
On the forthnight after the moon of Beltane, the Nadders will have a feast in Steeple Langford. Stapleford and the other manors will be unguarded. Take them, take what you want, but spare me some coins and return them to me. C

In the fall, Steeple Langford is drawn into a new blood fued, now with Baverstock.

Attendence: Christian, Emanuel, Pontus, Marcus.

Year 492
The year of treason

In this, the year 492 A.D..

Selwyn Giantsbane and Eifion attend the wedding of Margawse and Elaine to King Lot and King Nentres.


After the wedding, Selwyn and Eifion are spirited away in the night and meet Merlyn the Enchanter whom tell them to follow him.

After waiting for him for a few hours Merlyn runs past them carrying something, a few knights follow him and a skirmish ensues. Two knights die before they are recogninced as Uther knights.

A trial of treason against Merlyn is held and he is banned in all the lands.

Attendence: Christian, Pontus

Year 491
The year of Lust

In this, the year 491 A.D…

..King Uther marches on Cornwall to strike down Duke Gorlois.

Battle of Terrabil

The siege of Terrabil is long and boring. After 9 weeks Duke Gorlois attack in the middle of the night. Gorlois is killed by the young king Pellinore.

After the war, Uther marries Igraine.

Jonah goes on a pilramage and happens upon Lilo of Burcome and marries her.

Attendence: Christian, Emanuel, Marcus, Pontus

Year 490
The year of mystery

In this, the year 490 A.D…

…the nadders fight in the Battle of Lindsey. Weyland is killed and Eifion and Selwyn capture the saxon king Octa and take him prisoner.

At Londonium, war hero Duke Gorlois is held as a prisoner of courtesy by king Uther, whom lusts for Duchess Igraine.

At the brink of midnight one night, a mysterious snow storm strikes and Gorlois and Igraine flee in the night.

At the pagan funeral pyre at Laverstock, Crystyna is present, the reputed bastard sister of Weyland. She joins Eifion as a bard.

In the winter, Selwyns wife if driven mad and flees into the night too.

Attendence: Christian, Pontus, Emanuel

Year 489
The year of peace

In this, the year 489 A.D…

Excaliburs Peace
King Uther and the knights march on Cornwall and Duke Gorlois.

Gorlois is at first reluctant to rally to Uthers banner again, and both armies prepare for battle. Then Merlin instructs Uther to show Excalibur. After this, Gorlois accepts the terms. A feast is held on the battlefield.

Water leapers
While at Beltaine at Laverstock, Eifion, Selwyn and Weyland are told of mysterious beings in the swamp to investigate. There they find and fight water leapers. Weyland is gravely wounded but survives.

In the fall, Eifions brother in law is accused of stealing horses, and Eifion duels the claimant and wins.

Children are born onto Stapleford and Steeple Langford.

Attendence: Pontus, Emanuel, Christian.

Year 488
The year of frankisk raids

In this, the year 488 A.D.. Jonah and Eifion fight a yale. The Nadders follow Prince Madoc to the continent and take back Bayeaux from the saxons.


After the siege, they return home. Back home the rest of the year is a slow one. Selwyns one true son dies, but he fathers a beautiful half-irish son (+5 APP).


Attendence: Marcus, Emanuel, Christian, Pontus.


Year 487
The year of embassy

In this, the year 487 A.D…

.. King Uther Pendragon holds a great feast at christmas court in Sarum Rock. Weyland, Eifion, Selwyn and Jonha attends. They are given many gifts.

At the feast, Merlin the Enchanter appears and presents the sword Excalibur to Uther. The Nadders whom helped him are made heroes.

After the presentation the Nadders are offered to follow Uther on an embassy. They accept and travel to Lindsey, where the Duke joins Uther after he is shown the sword.


After that the Nadders are sent to Malahaut to convince the Centurion King to join Uther. On the way they fight saxons.

Once they reach the Centurion King, he telles them off.

During the summer and fall.. Eifion finds a wife through plain luck. Selwyn is married and gains a bastard before that.

Children are born to most. Weylands wife die in childbirth.

Attendence: Marcus, Emanuel, Christian, Pontus.

Year 486
A most magic year

In this, the year 486 A.D..

.. Selwyn, Weyland and Eifion are stuck at home on vassal duty when most of the knights are sent to battle the Saxons.

Adventure of Sword Lake


The knights are fooled by Merlin to fight a giant and another monster while he gets a magical sword from a magical lake. Selwyn is the only knight not to become unconcious. They meet a mysterious lady who say that this moment has been prepared for,

In the summer Weyland fathers a bastard and is married and fathers a daughter.
Eifion is married but the wife dies in childbirth.

Attendence: Christian, Emanuel, Pontus.


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