Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Here you will find the journal of the years in the campaign, from 439.

Year 439
Humble beginnings

In this, the year 439 A.D..

Battle of Ilchester kills Sir Ole, sir Dole and sir Doff.

The young squires are knighted at Sarum Rock. Kenryc falls asleep during mass the night before. Gawain make a wonderful leap, whilst Edmyg trips over the horse.

Battle of Charlion.
Kenryc leads the battle against the Irish. The battle is a victory.

Afterwards, all characters are hastily wed. Kenryc and Edmyg are married to vassal knights daughters. Gawain is married to a household knights heir. That winter sons are born to all knights.

During the summer Edmyg is unfaithful to his wife. Kenryc suffers a religious encounter and Gawain made a friend.

Attendance: Leif, Kim, Magnus

Year 440
The year of regicide

In this, the year of 440 A.D..

The king, Constantine, arrive at Sarum Rock. The Duke Vortigern arrived a few days before.

Kenryc and Gawain are put on garrison duty in Sarum Rock during the kings visit. During this time they encounter Vendigar, whom Crystyn say is a bad man.

During a hunt, Kenryc and Gawain bring back a fine deer and are the winners of the hunt. During the feast the same night Kenryc gives a good oration about theit hunt.

Next day, Kenryc and Gawain are sought out by Duke Vortigern who proclaim them good knights.

That night, after the great feast, an unknown kinght beheads the sleeping king Constantine. Gawain fights and kills the knight while Kenryc fell asleep.

The next day Vortigern takes the children of Constantine under his protection. The funeral for the king is held in Amesbury.

During the winter, a daughter is born to Kenryc and Gawain falls in love with his wife.

Attendence: Kim, Leif

Year 441-442
The solem years

In this, the year 441 thru 442..

King Constans is crowned in Londonium. Kenryc and Edmyg are present.

During the slow summer Kenrycs squire drown in a river and Edmyg fights of another affair and finds love for his wife.

During the winter Edmygs wife die in childbirth, the child dies as well.

Next spring Kenryc and Edmyg are summoned to Sarum Rock and sent by Duke Vortigern on a quest with Vendigar to Blakemoor Wood. In the forest they travel to a marsch where they are told that they are looking for the Ring of Maer. After that they are attacked by Water leapers.


After that they find the grave of Maer and dig out the ring. Vendigar gives the ring to Kenryc.

During the summer Kenryc is partly responsible with a blood feud against his closest neighbour Daz of Deptford. Edmyg gets into an animosity with the neighbours cousin Coryn.

That year, Edmyg is married to the maiden daughter of a rich knight. They produce a new son for the family.

Both Edmyg and Kenryc live rich lives for 443.

Attendence: Kim, Magnus.

Years 443-445
The years before the storm

The knights travel to Jagent to the kings court.

Merddin sleeps with one of the maids and gets in a fight with som picts.

Crystyn flirts with Merddin ans sleeps with him.


During a fit of madness the sick an weak King Constans orders the death of all prisoners and picts. A battle ensues.

Let the whole world die, if I die… is said to have been his last words.

The king is then beheaded by his personal pictish guards.

Vortigern is crowned king by the supreme colligium, Constans younger brothers vanish.

The Picts stage a massive invasion, with their armies occupying much of the north and bands of raiders penetrating all the way into Logres. Rather than risk a great loss,
King Vortigern orders his armies to dig in and garrison their homes and holdings.

Merddins wife gives birth to twins.

Kenrycs wife gives birth to a daughter.

Gawains wife dies in childbirth.

444 – A slow year
Merddin beds a widow.

445 – Another slow year
Gawain marries a merchants daugther

Attendence: Kim, Carin, Leif

Year 446
The year of Roman War

In this the year of 446 A.D…

The armies of Logres marches to face the picts and their irish allies on the fields of Lincoln.


The Battle of Lincoln

Merddin is knocked down early in the battle. Kenryc and Gawain make it though to the enemys rear and finds another army of picts charging onto the field. Shortly after a army of saxons, hired by Vortigern charge to the field and win the battle for Logres.

Hengest and Horsa come to Logres after being invited by Vortigern.

During the winter, both Gawain and Merddin makes enemies.

Merddin and Kenryc welcomes childen during the winter, Merddins younges bastard dies of a cold.


Attendence: Kim, Leif, Carin (asleep half the time)

Year 447
The Year of Lust

In this, the year of 447 AD..

Edmyg and Gawain are summoned to the kings court during the progression to Sarum Rock.

During a short hunt led by Edmyg using his hound Wulf the cousins fells a boar.

Upon returning to court they witness Rowena, daughter of Hengest. The most beautiful woman in the world. Both begin to adore her. Gawain tries to speak with her but fails and stutters.

During the feast, Vortigern also shows intrest in Rowena. Due to language barrier they only raise their cups at each other to show intrest. Thus, the tradition of toasting is born.


Attendence: Magnus, Leif.

Year 448
The year of family drama

In this, the year of 448 A.D..

Kenryc holds a feast for the family. Merddin and other family members attend.

One day Rhain is lost in the wood and ends up in Debtford. Daz of Debtford return him.

During the winter, both Merddin and Kenryc welcome children. Merddin is sick most of the winter and is weaker afterwards.


Attendence: Kim, Carin

Years 449-450
The years of weddings

In this, the years of 449 and 450…

Kenryc, Merddin and Edmyg are sent to escort Rowena on her brides march to get married to Vortigern.

During the march they are attacked by picts but the picts are repelled.

After they reach Stonehenge they are present at the lavish wedding. Kenryc and Merddin fathers bastards at the wedding.


Merddin gains two daugthers (one bastard).

Kenrycs wife dies in childbed.

Attendence: Kim, Magnus, Carin

Years 451-453
The years of whispers

In this, the years 451-453.

.. Gawain is hurt after a fall from a horse.
Gawains and Merddins wives die in childbirth.
Kenryc fathers another bastard, a girl.
Edmygs wife gives birth to a daughter.

In 452 the news that the dowry for Rowena was the county of Kent become known. Many knights are angry about this, Kenryc and Merddin included.

Gawain marries for love. Merddin beds a mechant dauther and marries her.

In 453, the news reaches the charecters that Vortigern is sending a few knights to Gaul to fight the huns. Kenryc and Merddin are chosen, probably due to the rumors of their thoughts of the Kent affair.

Gawain is given a Prophecy. “The next battle you enter, you will loose.”

No children are born in 453.


Attendence: Kim, Magnus, Carin, Leif


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