Catch Up


Step 1. Choose list

Use ONE LIST. Decide which category applies. Ask your GM if you aren’t sure.

Knights have five categories, dependent entirely upon the social system which determines their annual tasks.

Step 2. Make a Skill check on each designated skill.

Basically, make an Unopposed roll for everything. If successful, check it.

Step 3. Attempt Experience

The checked skills are ones that are used, and for which you can attempt rise in ability in the Winter Phase.

Step 4 – Calculate annual glory.

All skills/traits/passions over 16 vill generate annual glory. Write this down on the character sheet for the current year.

Step 5 – Age.

Add +1 to the age of Wife, children, squire, special animals and yourself. If your character is 35 or more the GM will make you roll an aging roll at the next session.


Vassal Knight

Courtesy, Falconry, First Aid, Folk Lore, Hunting, Intrigue, any two other non-combat skills
Horsemanship, Sword, one other Combat Skill
Just/Arbitrary, Temperate/Indulgent, One underlined Religious Trait, any other Personality Trait, all Traits over 15.
Loyalty (Lord), one other Passion, all Passions over 15.
Standard of Living = Average.
Ask the Gamemaster if you had any discretionary funds this year.


Catch Up

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