Chivalrous Knight


“To protect the widow, the orphan, the poor; not to slay a vanquished and defenseless adversary; not to take part in a false judgment or treason, or to withdraw if it cannot be prevented;to never give evil counsel to a lady; to help, if possible, a fellow being in distress.”

Chivalry supports the protection of the weak by the
strong. Before its acceptance, most knights live by the attitude
that “might makes right.” Chivalry seeks to turn that attitude
into one of noblesse oblige, the belief that nobility obligates one
to behave honorably and benevolently. This definition of chivalry
places its emphasis upon refining the knights’ duty.

Add together your character’s Generous, Energetic,
Modest, Just, Merciful, and Valorous trait values. If he has a
total of 91 or more in these traits (which are marked on the
knight’s character sheet with a “bullet” [•] for this purpose),
he may become a Chivalrous knight.

Once he swears this oath, your character gains the
benefits of being a Chivalrous knight. If his total in the
requisite traits should ever drop below 91 for any reason,
he loses the Chivalrous benefits forever.

All Chivalrous knights receive a supernatural boon
called the Armor of Honor, which provides him with 3
points of armor reduction.

The protection from the Armor of Honor is
added to any protection already gained by actual armor or
shields. Thus, a Chivalrous knight wearing chainmail (10
points of reduction) subtracts 10 +3 = 13 points of damage
from each attack that hits him.

Chivalrous knights also gain 100 Glory annually, during
the Winter Phase.

Chivalrous knights are a requisite to be a Knight of the Rpund Table.

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Chivalrous Knight

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