Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Year 440

The year of regicide

In this, the year of 440 A.D..

The king, Constantine, arrive at Sarum Rock. The Duke Vortigern arrived a few days before.

Kenryc and Gawain are put on garrison duty in Sarum Rock during the kings visit. During this time they encounter Vendigar, whom Crystyn say is a bad man.

During a hunt, Kenryc and Gawain bring back a fine deer and are the winners of the hunt. During the feast the same night Kenryc gives a good oration about theit hunt.

Next day, Kenryc and Gawain are sought out by Duke Vortigern who proclaim them good knights.

That night, after the great feast, an unknown kinght beheads the sleeping king Constantine. Gawain fights and kills the knight while Kenryc fell asleep.

The next day Vortigern takes the children of Constantine under his protection. The funeral for the king is held in Amesbury.

During the winter, a daughter is born to Kenryc and Gawain falls in love with his wife.

Attendence: Kim, Leif



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