Great(er) Pendragon Campaign

Year 441-442

The solem years

In this, the year 441 thru 442..

King Constans is crowned in Londonium. Kenryc and Edmyg are present.

During the slow summer Kenrycs squire drown in a river and Edmyg fights of another affair and finds love for his wife.

During the winter Edmygs wife die in childbirth, the child dies as well.

Next spring Kenryc and Edmyg are summoned to Sarum Rock and sent by Duke Vortigern on a quest with Vendigar to Blakemoor Wood. In the forest they travel to a marsch where they are told that they are looking for the Ring of Maer. After that they are attacked by Water leapers.


After that they find the grave of Maer and dig out the ring. Vendigar gives the ring to Kenryc.

During the summer Kenryc is partly responsible with a blood feud against his closest neighbour Daz of Deptford. Edmyg gets into an animosity with the neighbours cousin Coryn.

That year, Edmyg is married to the maiden daughter of a rich knight. They produce a new son for the family.

Both Edmyg and Kenryc live rich lives for 443.

Attendence: Kim, Magnus.



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