Eifion Cigydd Seax - "The Saxon Slayer"

The son of Kendric


Glory 15986

Born: 465
Knighted: 485
Died: 508
Current home: Wylye
Current status: Unmarried, bitch just died like immediately
Children: 4, Eiffin, Caradoc and 2 others

Roman Christian

Son of Sir Kendric The Humble

Player: Pontus MÃ¥nsson


Owner of Wylye



Currently a Religious Roman Knight abiding by the sacred virtues.

Condemned Merlyn the Enchanter and spoke out against him.

Witnessed the death of King Uther Pendragon and many other Nobles at the Infamous Feast.

Died in 508 during the Battle of Netley Marsh.

Eifion Cigydd Seax - "The Saxon Slayer"

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