Selwyn llofrudd Cawr - "The Giantsbane"

Second son of Rhain The Slayer


Glory 12982

Born: 465
Knighted: 485
Current home: Steeple Langford
Current status: Married for a third time in the year 494 to the daughter of a household knight, Collwen that he loves more than anything in the world.
488, Fachtna the bastard of Irish descent; went mad at the battle of Carleon in 510, whereabouts unknown at this time.
489, Adwen; married to Gwannon, Glesnis daughter
490, Edar and Edern, twin boys of Glesni; Edar went mad at the battle of Terrabill in 513.
494, Collwens first son, Cynon
495, Gwegon, second son of Collwen
497, Tathel/Godfrey and Uwain, twin boys of Collwen. Tathel is born with black skin and a mean streak, he is clearly of the fairie but due to complications the true son, Godfrey can not be retrieved until the year 506
498, Gwen and Meleri, twin girls of Collwen
500, Emyr, fifth son of Collwen
502, Ifan, sixth son of Collwen
506, Gottard, seventh son of Collwen
507, Lorien, third daughter of Collwen
509, Lilly and Linda, twin daughters of Collwen

Inherited the Magic Ring of Maer Ub Shien Fav after his brother.

Player: Christian Midjich



Smitten with the lady Igraine and would do anything she asks of him.

Spoke out against Merlyn the Magician and condemned him.

Selwyn llofrudd Cawr - "The Giantsbane"

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